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Welcome to the ever-growing archive of our shows!

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#36 - Miley Twerkus

We talk for an hour dissecting the most disgusting, pathetic, puke-tastic performance of an 'artist' (if artist = ugly ho-bag) in the history of life itself. Just kidding, but we do touch on that! We found a solution to the recent racial tension, and hereby ban anyone and everyone from posting 'kidpics' on Facebook. That and more, on this week's episode of the KND show!

#35 - Laughing is Awesome

There must have been something in the water in the Keesey Studio this episode... We are joined by the lovely Meg, and all three of us have a serious case of the sillies. Find out what happens when Duff, drinks, and grandmoms are involved, how Keesey was poisoned by his neighbor, and get the entertainment report from Meg! Best. Show. Yet..

#34 - We're BACK!

Did you miss us!?! We're baaaack!! With the lovely Meg, and special guest Nick Markakis (not really, but almost). We talk about Keesey and Meg's trip to Florida, and catch up with Duff and his creepy neighbor. Listen now, here or on iTunes!

#33 - Keepin it Real

We now have a Skype account, which we tested with our good taiwanese friend, Danielsan. Every media source has jumped all over the Boston Bombing, but we wanted to dissect it and talk some of the underlying issues. Keesey has another Facebook dilemma, and Duff finds another interesting tale to tell

#32 - The Return of the Keesey and Duff

Did you miss us!?! We're baaaack!! With the lovely Meg, and special guest Nick Markakis (not really, but almost). We talk about Keesey and Meg's trip to Florida, and catch up with Duff and his creepy neighbor. Listen now, at or on iTunes!

#31 - Super Cereal

Guys... we are being super serial today. Hard-hitting issues like single parents, same-sex marriage, and the general state of our youth today. Duff almost got beat up, and Keesey continues his Facebook drama. The lovely Meg is back, so don't miss this newest episode of the KND show podcast!

#30 - Dirty Thirty!

Hope you didn't just eat dinner... We start off talking about some rather interesting subjects, including "manscaping" and the general terms that are par for the course. We are joined once again by Mr. Detar, and he drank... alot. Also, the lovely Meg is back in action! Find out who powers down first in this latest episode!

#29 - The Amazing Detar

Greg Deeetar is on the show, and he is super lame, like we expected. We nerd out about the Ravens and try to dissect some of their off-season moves after the Super Bowl. Speaking Ravens, we got some audio of Joe the QB that you should check out! And of course as always the news and video of the week.

#28 - We're on Camera!!

We try to stay politically correct as we are joined once again by Jasmine. Also, Keesey's Little Cuz stops by and reminds us of olden days... 10 years ago. Speaking of school, we talk about some pretty crazy kindergarden shenanigans, and dissect the brain-waves and their relationship to teachers banging students.

#27 - Two Guys one Chick

One of Duff's long-lost friends, Jasmine, stops by the studio, and lets us know some good Duff tales. Apparently, he has the "Fastest Hands in Harford County". There are some absurd happenings happening, such as a man on a plane slapping a baby... No, it wasn't his, and we found some audio of a dude jumping on a Cactus.

#26 - Les Mis New Car

Monday Night Show! The lovely Meg joins us, we talk about more Valentines lamos, and Keesey is super gay for Les Miserables. Oh yea... Duff Got a new Car! He's a rice-burning Civic Lover. We continue to destroy friendships one at a time, but stay crunchy. Enjoy!

#25 - Valentine's Day

This week on the show we talk about how Duff is good at Valentine's Day presents, and Keesey is not. Meg was not too happy about some things in the past that she brings to light. We had a mystery guest that shook things up, and you can find out why you should never go to Dick's Last Resort!

#24 - Best of Keesey and Duff

We had some issues with the live show recording that made it unplayable for you, and we apologize for that. So we have put together a bunch of our best bits for you to listen to, hope you enjoy it!

#23 - Songs, Thoughts, and Weddings

Before the show, we busted out the guitar, and just so happened to record our theme song! Like always, we have random entertaining stories, including some about an interesting Wedding. Keesey was very excited about a purchasing his new journal, and reads his random thoughts inside. We are joined by the lovely Meg as well.


#22 What's Beef?

Monday night show! Duff tells us about a little personal problem, and Keesey discovers an interesting man named Alex Jones. We have an interesting Gun Control talk, and apparently Keesey is really good at starting Facebook drama! Duff also powers down in the news and it's friggin hilarious.

#21 Ex-Boss Visits

We are joined by our Ex-Boss, Todd Taylor, from Taylored Lawns and Gardens. He has some great stories about both of us. We also talk about more crazy people, bring back the video of the week, and other amazing stories.


#20 People Suck

Show #20 is here!!! Thanks to everyone for sticking around and listening, it's been a blast. This week, the lovely Meg is back with more dreaded shopping stories, Duff and Keesey add a few, and we unveil "Things that Duff Could do Without in 2013".


#19 Our Families Are Crazy

Merry Christmas Episode! Find out what we all thought of each other when we first met, and what makes our families so bizarre, including a letter from Aunt Keesey. Also... we're worried about Keesey. He hasn't eaten or slept much after Peter Jackson did all those horrible things to The Hobbit.


#18 DRAMA!!

Keesey the elf tries to help Santa, we tell you about crazy family members, and there is some serious Facebook drama... shocker, right? We also announce "Slapsmas", coming next episode! No squirrels were actually harmed in the recording of this episode. We think.


#17 Eugene the Gamer

We introduce our new video game correspondant: Eugene! Justus, yes thats his name, joins us from Exit 77, a local entertainment source. We talk of a secret santa trade gone wrong, Duff got a haircut, and learn a few new sexual positions.


#16 Freak Out Mode

Bobby Light is a no show once again, and Harold is not too happy about it. Also, we discovered a kid on Youtube that not only lacks discipline and respect, but has a Freak Out mode rivaled by the Hulk... we also get a surprise visit by the mysterious "Coop".


#15 The Greatest Show in the World

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a show of all shows for you. We talk about why Black Friday sucks, share some interesting stories, and top it all off with a Keesey and Harold song collaboration.


#14 Anti bro-matic

This week on the show, we meet two serious bros, find out how an 8 year old beat Keesey in Bowling, and meet the infamous "Frankie". The beautiful Meg stops by, and Bobby Light is gone! It's a celebration, bitches!


#13 Ghosts and Predictions

Rob knows someone who knows Jesus. And he 100% believes it. Keesey has a world-changing prediction, and we have the most jumbled, confusing, but awesome, newscast yet.


#12 Harold

Duff returns, and tells Keesey how much he sucks at life. Rob is still douchy, and we introduce you all to our very dear, old friend, Harold. There's probably 40 minutes of other awesome things waiting for you in this episode.


#11 Hurricane Sandy Edition

No Hurricane is going to stop us from recording a show! Take a trip back to the 90's and see who is better at trivia: Keesey or Meg! Oh yea, and Duff is gone... so this show is produced and edited by Keesey. May God help us all.


#10 Letters From Keesey

No holes barred in this episode! Keesey reads a love letter in distress, Bobby Light joins us again with a new way to pick up chicks, and Duff is still a dick.


#9 How to Date a Ravens Cheerleader

Introducing guest host, Bobby Light! He gives up some great tips about how he landed a Ravens Cheerleader. Keesey squashes beef with 98 Rock... they are dead to him. And Duff delivers another ridiculously awesome "Video of the Week."


#8 Brooklyn in the House!!

All the way from NY, special guests "Milla" and "Boozie" join us in studio. Keesey went up to 98 Rock and they didn't seem to like Duff too much, we have audio from that. Also, find out why you should never ride in a van with Keesey!


#7 Duff is a Dick

Hey guys... Chris is a dick, and today you find out why! Special guest Meg joins us, we warn you of the dangers of "foamers", and the infamous "Dipstick" stops by.


#6 Baby Arnold meets Furries

Baby Arnold needs teaching lessons from Mrs. Gertrude, while supervised by his father, Ronald. Also, you didn't get the memo about the real people who dress up like animals and sometimes even put their... well you will just have to listen to find out!


#5 Douche City Madness

Introducing, Greg "The Douche" from the 98 Rock Morning Show! Think you've pulled some good pranks? I bet his tops it. We also see what's going on with the Nuge.


#4 WTF is a Brony!?

Duff explains to us the dangers of a new "Brony" epidemic which could be the end of us all. Our first ever "Video of the Day" segement, and Keesey is still stupid.


#3 Poison Ivy: 1 Keesey: 0

Keesey has gotten poison ivy for the third time this year, and it's time to school him on what this elusive plant looks like. Remember Mike Tyson, the guy who bit a guy's ear off? The guy who... does Broadway? And we break the number one rule of radio: don't talk about politics!


#2 Selftitled

In our second episode of the Keesey and Duff show, we talk. About stuff. If that doesn't make you want to listen to this, I don't know what else will.


#1 First is Definitely the Worst

In this first episode, we try to figure out how to run a podcast. Maybe next time we will figure it out.